[ Form Two Loops With Opposite Twists ]

Trucker's Hitch

Bungee cords have taken much of the tradition out of tying down truck loads at the City of Berkeley Echo Lake Camp.

There are times when a load must not blow off in the wind and should be safely secured with a rope. The trucker's hitch or lorry knot is the preferred method for attaching a critical load.

This method requires lots of rope.

[ Bring right Loop Over Left Loop ] Suppose you are tying off a load of 16 ft. 4 x 4's:

Tie one end of the rope on, say the left side of the truck, then throw the rope over the lumber to the right side of the truck.

The trucker's hitch will tighten the rope to a hook on the right side of the truck.

Begin by twisting a bight into a loop. Some people use two or three twists at this point.

Form another bight below this loop and pass it through the loop.

This second loop will do the actual work, while the original loop holds the second loop in place.

[ Bring right Loop Over Left Loop ] Now, pass the bitter end, free end, of the rope around the hook at the lower side of the truck bed and bring it up and through the second loop.

Tighten the load by pulling down on the rope.

You gain almost twice as much tightening power as you pull down because of a mechanical advantage.

While the line is still taut, finish up by using two half hitches to keep the knot in place.

This knot could also be used to tie off tents and rain flys at Echo Lake Camp.