The Echo Camp Website

Spring 2006
A message from webmaster Bayard


This website is essentially picture-driven. There are well over 2000 pictures along with numerous original illustrations on this site. The site is organized in a tree structure beginning with the main Index page.

You can navigate this tree by clicking on Plimpton font menu items such as this:

Notice that these menu items turn orange as you pass your mouse pointer over them. Also, some information is displayed on the status line of your browser.

Larger images are used on header pages and also run down the right side of information pages such as this one.

Eventually you arrive at Cluster pages which contain a number of small thumb-nail images which may be enlarged by clicking on them.

Relative Navigation was constructed with the idea of using relative navigation. Here's how it works:

  • Move deeper into this site by clicking on menu items or thumb nail pictures.

  • Navigate back toward the index page by clicking the small orange, , or green, , up-arrows or by using the back-button on your browser.

  • The side pointing orange arrows, and , are for moving laterally between cluster pages or between full-sized images.

  • This site does not inflict the usual back-button penalty of a complete review for lateral moves through full-sized images.

Site Map Navigation

The Site Map shows this tree organized website in outline form.

You just click any item to navigate to its section.

Click site map for site map navigation.

The Red Fir Forest

The Red Fir Forest subsection of Grounds is still expanding. There are now sections for birds, butterflies, fish, flowers, insects mammals, reptiles, rodents, shrubs, and trees.

Every once in a while a bird or animal will stop and pose for my camera. Every once in a while I'll find a new flower and be able to identify it.

I'm just a rookie in these areas. but I've been doing alot of searching through books, and the internet. Various generous campers have explained a number of things for me.

I'm continueing to make illustrations of some leaf and flower terms and formations to help with the identification of wild flowers. Links to these illustrations are included wherever possible.


I've hiked into Desolation Valley and gotten pictures at several different lakes. The maps could still use more work, but the Camp map, the Desolation Wilderness map, and Big Meadow maps now include a technique called image mapping. You can pass your mouse pointer over enabled features and jump to the picture section for a quick visual.


For our campers who like to visit a traditional beach with sand, picnics and swimming I've added a Beach section covering Angora Lake, Kiwa Beach, and Pope Beach.


I've added a how-to section for beginning archery technique.

The idea is to present enough information here so a new instructor can check to see and understand how we've run this program.

The How To section for Echo Lake Camp maintenance workers has a new section on folding a camp tent. There is even a movie . The knot tying section now shows how to tie a bowline .


No doubt, there has always been some sort of construction going on at Echo Lake Camp. Most of it has never been documented.

We have had some significant improvements going on: namely a Nurse's Cabin , a Ridge Bath remodel, and a Dining Hall Ramp . These are now shown in an expanded section of the history decade from 2001 through 2010.

The Future of

It's my goal to present a fairly complete view of the many things we offer here at Echo Lake Camp.

Areas of possible development

  • I'd like to include some biographical material with the pictures of staff, campers, volunteers, and friends.

  • I enjoy aphorisms and plan to add to the pithy sayings and quotes sprinkled throughout this site. If you know of any good ones I've missed, please send them to me.

  • I hope to get out more on my bicycle and show some of the classic mountain bike trails in the Tahoe region.

  • We need clusters for the Orienteering Program, the Disc Golf Course and the Climbing Wall.

Is there something you'd like to see here? Some changes that ought to be made? Drop me an email or talk to me in camp this summer.

Construction of

Production of this website has required a lot of hardware and software. Here's a listing of some of the products I use.

I've keyed in all the HTML code for this site using vim, a Windows version of the vi editor.

Photoshop is my primary image editing tool.

I use Paint Shop Pro with Animation Shop to create the animated gifs.

The maps were done with Adobe Illustrator.

This site relies heavily on Java Script to reduce the amount of typing and to create various roll-over effects.

I've included some sound in this website. For audio, I use a Sony Mini Disk Recorder and convert the sounds to MP3 format.

I buy all my mini disc supplys and accessories at Minidisco.

I use my Alesis synthesizer and Cakewalk to create midi music files.

And finally, this site is hosted by Hostdime. They have low prices, a very helpful staff, and fantastic services.

[ Bayard looks to the future through rose colored glasses ]