The Red Fir Forest

Yellow Flowers

Visit Echo Lake Camp and look for Pond Lily, Sulfur Buckwheat, Mule Ears, Monkeyflower, Pretty Face, Daffodil, Lambstongue Groundsel, Arrowleaf Groundsel, Shaggy Hawkweed, Tumble Mustard, Canada Goldenrod, Drummond's Cinquefoil, Arnica Dealbata and Bolander's Madia.

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Let us open our leaves like a flower, and be passive and receptive.

John Keats

[Pond Lily] [Sulfur Buckwheat] [Mule Ears] [Seep-Spring Monkeyflower] [Pretty Face]
Pond-lily Sulfur Buckwheat Mule Ears Monkeyflower Pretty Face
[Daffodil] [Lambstongue Groundsel] [Arrowleaf Groundsel] [Shaggy Hawkweed] [Tumble Mustard]
Daffodil Lambstongue Groundsel Arrowleaf Groundsell Shaggy Hawkweed Tumble Mustard
[Canada Goldenrod] [Drummond's Cinquefoil] [Whitneya] [Bolander's Madia] [Dandelion]
Canada Goldenrod Drummond's Cinquefoil Whitneya dealbata Bolander's Madia Dandelion