The Red Fir Forest

Pink Flowers

Echo Lake Camp and the nearby area has mountain spiraea, pussy paws, mountain pride, Lewis monkeyflower, elephanthead, Sierra onion, Alpine shooting star, red heather, white-veined wintergreen, and spreading dogbane.

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Pluck not the wayside flower;
It is the traveler's dower.

William Allingham

[Mountain Spiraea] [Pussy Paws] [Mountain Pride] [Lewis Monkeyflower]
Mountain Spiraea Pussy Paws Mountain Pride Lewis Monkeyflower
[Elephant Head] [Sierra Onion] [Alpine Shooting Star] [Red Heather]
Elephanthead Sierra Onion Alpine Shooting Star Red Heather
[White-veined Wintergreen] [Spreading Dogbane]
White-veined Wintergreen Spreading Dogbane