The Red Fir Forest


Many birds live in the red fir Forest.

We feature information and pictures of blue grouse, western tanager, brown-headed cowbird, Canada geese, Steller's Jay, pine grosbeak, American robin, Clark's nutcracker, dark-eyed Junco, mallard duck, hairy woodpecker, merganser duck, red-breasted nuthatch, and Spotted Sandpiper.

[Blue Grouse] [Western Tanager] [Brown-headed Cowbird] [Canada Geese]
Blue Grouse Tanager Cowbird Canada Geese
[Steller's Jay] [Pine Grosbeak] [Robin] [Clark's Nutcracker]
Steller Jay Pine Grosbeak Robin Nutcracker
[Dark-eyed Junco] [Mallard Duck] [Woodpecker] [Merganser Duck]
Junco Mallard Duck Woodpecker Merganser Duck
[Red-breasted Nuthatch] [Spotted Sandpiper]
Red-Breasted Nuthatch Spotted Sandpiper