Hiking to Echo Lake

Some of the closest and most popular hiking is around the Eastern side of Echo Lake.

Go North on Echo Lake road about a quarter of a mile to Echo Lake.

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One of the most obvious and biggest attractions of all the activities at Berkeley Echo Lake Camp is hiking along Echo Lake. It is a relatively easy hike along the eastern shore of the lake.

You can, in fact, circle completely around both lower and upper Echo Lakes, although it is a more difficult path to follow along the western shore.

Another, even more difficult, option is to head up the old Beasley Jeep Trail which leads out of our Echo Lake Camp parking lot. This trail leads to the crest of the mountains overlooking Echo Lake from the west.

The Echo Chalet lies at the south end of Lower Echo Lake,
closest to Camp. The Chalet runs a water taxi from
the Chalet to the far end of Upper Echo Lake. The cost
is $7.00 per person, one way. Not a bad price to pay if
your dogs are barkin'.